Friday, November 16, 2012

So, About My Stories

I have created a poll over on the left right side of your screen so you can tell me what story you like most. I'll finish all of them. Just tell me which one you want me to finish most so you can read it in it's entirety. Leave comments PLEASE!!! I really want to know. later you can tell me ideas for stories to wite or things to add to the stories just tell me WHICH ONE TO WRITE MOST!!!!! I'll leave you a little key

Key for comments 
FC= Florence Conway (A.K.A The story about Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barret Browning.)
M= Mithes (A.K.A the story about Gods and Godesses.)

PLEASE LET ME KNOW! VOTE IN THE POLL!! Just let me know what you like.

-Pop! Poppy

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