Saturday, January 26, 2013

Science Fiction

I've recently realized that I use Science Fiction as a crutch for my writing. Interesting huh? I can only write that. I've tried to write other things but I find it hard and impossible. It never turns out good. It's always awkward and weird. But when I write SciFi it's great! Smooth, well paced, interesting. Feel free to read my story on Wattpad. "Hiding" is my most recent and it's really good. So check that out there... But yeah can't write much else...

-Pop! Poppy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Reading/ Writing

So the new year is on our doorstep and well... I plan to read 52 books by the end of the year, I'll keep you updated on that. I'm also planning on writing many more stories. I hope to write at least 5 short stories and would like some ideas for characters, plots, settings, and other things. If you want to help just e-mail me or comment with your ideas. I have much inspiration and already have ides for 2 stories I hope to have done by the end of the month. Well the sun is setting here in Alaska. Yes, the sun sets at about three. It's pitch black by four. I've got to go clean but I hope that you'll stick around and I hope to make 2013 even more enjoyable than 2012.

Pop! Poppy

Monday, December 24, 2012

Don't Write It!

Here's a new writing tip...
Don't write something if you don't want people to read it. So I've written many stories and have deleted most because I didn't want others to read them. So I've learned...the hard way... that you should only write stuff you would let other people read. Here's how you tell if something you've written is okay. If you feel comfortable with others reading it.

  1. Write, this is the easy part.
  2. Find you absolute best friend who's opinion may be biased but you the encouragement.
  3. If you feel comfortable handing over your story then you'll be fine with others reading it.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable ask you friend what they thought of the part that you're uncomfortable about. 
So this is the quick easy little 4 step process. So as stated DO NOT write it if you don't want others to read it.

 -Pop! Poppy

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Choose a Good Name!

So I recently learned that the villain's name in the latest Captain America movie. The villain's name was Schmit. Okay since this is a blog about writing I'll tell you how to choose a good bad-guy name. First off, you should either make one up (like I did in Mithest. Actually almost all the names were made up.) or choose a regular name that sounds like they could be sinister. I search online for first and last names all the time. For example In Florence Conway I searched for Victorian names first and last. But Schmit really? That is the worst bad-guy name ever. When you think of Schmit, you think of a innocent, mostly harmless*, Germanic person, don't you? (If you say no you're fooling yourself. Now the wonderfulness of writing fiction is that you make it up. So the names of your characters don;t even need to be real names. For example Mithest, Basileke, Kileet, are all names I made up for Mithest. It's fiction there is no need to make any of it real. Please for me though don't make you're villain's name stupid. Then whoever reads your story won't take him/her seriously. If you need more tips on villains name comment and if you have a story short or novel length and you need someone to review it/ give suggestion/ edit it. Then you can e-mail me at with what you need me to do with your story.

-Pop! Poppy

So You're Probably Wondering...

Why there are quotes all over the blog... Well I'll do my best to explain. This blog is supposed to be inspirational. Ere go I have Star Trek pictures, Star Trek quotes, scenery pictures, and plain quotes here. I find that quotes inspire me, they also make me feel happy. I am a giant Audrey Hepburn fan. One of the biggest. I think she's beautiful and full of inspiration. Which is why I have her quotes all over the blog. Marilyn Monroe was lovely and the two quotes of hers I have are because I think the are great. She knew how to be witty and funny through all her depression. Finally the Barbra Streisand quote; she's not your average beauty. That's what I love about her. She went to Hollywood and showed them she could be as good as one of the pretty girls. They never thought she could make it and she did. I'm not a pretty girl but if Streisand could do it so can I. By the by the quotes I've chosen from each celebrity show a lot about who I am. I look up to Hepburn the most though. But when you read the quotes, most of what is said is me, those quotes describe me. Think about it.

I probably wont be posting for the next few days/week... I mean it's Christmas. so read my stories till then.

-Pop! Poppy

Friday, December 21, 2012


I've recently added some new gadgets I'm sorry they come with ads. Please don't think I'm shoving ads down your throat it's not my fault I wish I could remove them but I can't. So don't notice them too much.

-Pop! Poppy

Well a REAL Post

So I realized that
A)I'm not always writing stories so I need to change the way I use this blog
B)To keep people reading I need to post constantly
& C) I need to post more than stories

This does not mean that I wont be posting my stories... It'll just mean that I'll do regular posts as well.
 Those who are like "oh, no she's gotten rid of 'Time Travel Titanic'" Well I'm sorry but what I've written I can't post and the story has been discontinued. I started to dislike the way the story was going and deleted it so please forget the story ever existed. I am still working on the other stories and am currently writing one that tales place on the Alaskan frontier. Fun factoids about my writing:

1. I am usually influenced by whatever I am reading at the time
2. I ma influenced by writers such as, Agatha Christie, Tamora Pierce, Charlotte Brontë, Arthur Conan Doyle, just their writing style not the type of books they write.
3. I'm inspired by nostalgia, The Victorian Era, Wild West, Alaskan Frontier, The Prairie...
4. I'm better at writing fiction than Compare-Contrast papers..

So there's a better understanding of my writing. So now all that's left for me to finish now is "Florence Conway" so you can see how that ends. I'll post more later. I need to go adjust the blog

-Pop! Poppy