Saturday, December 22, 2012

Choose a Good Name!

So I recently learned that the villain's name in the latest Captain America movie. The villain's name was Schmit. Okay since this is a blog about writing I'll tell you how to choose a good bad-guy name. First off, you should either make one up (like I did in Mithest. Actually almost all the names were made up.) or choose a regular name that sounds like they could be sinister. I search online for first and last names all the time. For example In Florence Conway I searched for Victorian names first and last. But Schmit really? That is the worst bad-guy name ever. When you think of Schmit, you think of a innocent, mostly harmless*, Germanic person, don't you? (If you say no you're fooling yourself. Now the wonderfulness of writing fiction is that you make it up. So the names of your characters don;t even need to be real names. For example Mithest, Basileke, Kileet, are all names I made up for Mithest. It's fiction there is no need to make any of it real. Please for me though don't make you're villain's name stupid. Then whoever reads your story won't take him/her seriously. If you need more tips on villains name comment and if you have a story short or novel length and you need someone to review it/ give suggestion/ edit it. Then you can e-mail me at with what you need me to do with your story.

-Pop! Poppy

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