Saturday, December 22, 2012

So You're Probably Wondering...

Why there are quotes all over the blog... Well I'll do my best to explain. This blog is supposed to be inspirational. Ere go I have Star Trek pictures, Star Trek quotes, scenery pictures, and plain quotes here. I find that quotes inspire me, they also make me feel happy. I am a giant Audrey Hepburn fan. One of the biggest. I think she's beautiful and full of inspiration. Which is why I have her quotes all over the blog. Marilyn Monroe was lovely and the two quotes of hers I have are because I think the are great. She knew how to be witty and funny through all her depression. Finally the Barbra Streisand quote; she's not your average beauty. That's what I love about her. She went to Hollywood and showed them she could be as good as one of the pretty girls. They never thought she could make it and she did. I'm not a pretty girl but if Streisand could do it so can I. By the by the quotes I've chosen from each celebrity show a lot about who I am. I look up to Hepburn the most though. But when you read the quotes, most of what is said is me, those quotes describe me. Think about it.

I probably wont be posting for the next few days/week... I mean it's Christmas. so read my stories till then.

-Pop! Poppy

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