Monday, December 24, 2012

Don't Write It!

Here's a new writing tip...
Don't write something if you don't want people to read it. So I've written many stories and have deleted most because I didn't want others to read them. So I've learned...the hard way... that you should only write stuff you would let other people read. Here's how you tell if something you've written is okay. If you feel comfortable with others reading it.

  1. Write, this is the easy part.
  2. Find you absolute best friend who's opinion may be biased but you the encouragement.
  3. If you feel comfortable handing over your story then you'll be fine with others reading it.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable ask you friend what they thought of the part that you're uncomfortable about. 
So this is the quick easy little 4 step process. So as stated DO NOT write it if you don't want others to read it.

 -Pop! Poppy

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