Friday, December 21, 2012

Well a REAL Post

So I realized that
A)I'm not always writing stories so I need to change the way I use this blog
B)To keep people reading I need to post constantly
& C) I need to post more than stories

This does not mean that I wont be posting my stories... It'll just mean that I'll do regular posts as well.
 Those who are like "oh, no she's gotten rid of 'Time Travel Titanic'" Well I'm sorry but what I've written I can't post and the story has been discontinued. I started to dislike the way the story was going and deleted it so please forget the story ever existed. I am still working on the other stories and am currently writing one that tales place on the Alaskan frontier. Fun factoids about my writing:

1. I am usually influenced by whatever I am reading at the time
2. I ma influenced by writers such as, Agatha Christie, Tamora Pierce, Charlotte Brontë, Arthur Conan Doyle, just their writing style not the type of books they write.
3. I'm inspired by nostalgia, The Victorian Era, Wild West, Alaskan Frontier, The Prairie...
4. I'm better at writing fiction than Compare-Contrast papers..

So there's a better understanding of my writing. So now all that's left for me to finish now is "Florence Conway" so you can see how that ends. I'll post more later. I need to go adjust the blog

-Pop! Poppy

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